Karl Froese is founder and principal consultant of Prospective Strategies.

Photo Credit:  Peter Hellberg

Karl Froese - Professional Qualifications

Karl has 20 years of experience in management consulting, healthcare insurance and financial products.  He has served as a consultant, advisor and strategic thought leader for early and mature stage product development.   Karl has helped health payers, PBMs, not-for-profits and start-ups in maximizing their growth opportunities through creative thinking and superior analysis.

In 2014, Karl founded Prospective Strategies, a Minneapolis-based consultancy with a focus on helping clients develop market-informed strategies to enhance competitive positioning and financial performance.  His work has included Medicare/Medicaid market alignment for Specialty drugs, M&A-related market assessment, support for PBM procurements, Medicare Part D dashboard development and benefits change communications.  He published “Product Viability Guide” a comprehensive guide to help clients with a framework for strategic product development.

In his corporate career, Karl helped UnitedHealthcare develop a national-level product and growth strategy for a $2.5B book of Medicare Advantage business.  For Prime Therapeutics (PBM), he  helped design and implement the new Medicare Prescription Drug program for Blue Cross Blue Shield employer groups.   Karl also has extensive Fortune 500 consulting experience with Willis Towers Watson, helping clients with the design and pricing of retirement and employee benefit programs.  As an entrepreneur and small business owner, he has partnered with start-ups and provided strategic business advice.

Karl personally, in 30 words or less

Entrepreneurial, advisor, analyzer, insights, visualizer, ENTJ, StrengthsFinderTM traits: strategic, ideation, futuristic, belief, relator; insatiable curiousity, loves a ‘blank sheet of paper’, real estate investor, cyclist, creative & analytical, simplifying the complex, diplomatic, integrity

Trempeleau County, WI

Trempeleau County, WI

My Story

"My career has been a diverse journey and I’ve pursued multiple areas of interest.  I am entrepreneurial, always curious about a wide variety of things and enjoy conceptual and analytical challenges.

My professional career began with actuarial consulting for Fortune 500 companies, advising clients on their health and pension plans.  I enjoyed the conceptual and relational aspects of consulting but needed more creative roles.  I moved into healthcare product management and strategic planning roles in the managed healthcare space.  These experiences gave me a broad foundation from which to launch Prospective Strategies.

 I have a passion to simplify complex things – and make products and services highly relevant to the people who use them.   I operate from the perspective that understanding people’s strengths, inclinations and limitations are critical to achieving best results.  Tapping into people’s passions and interests is critical to success and I believe that all “work” is inherently creative.   In my corporate roles, I have always been a “connector”, galvanizing people around a common goal, an ambassador of sorts, helping to cast the vision and guiding the direction of key decision makers."