Market Intelligence

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If you’re looking for an empowered view of your market, your product, and your competitors, Prospective Strategies can help you:

- Prioritize your market intelligence needs
- Build a strategic framework customized to your business drivers
- Strategic marketplace scans to ascertain market outlook, opportunity & risks

Market and Consumer Segmentation

Wondering if you should break into a new market with your product?  Or maybe you have a new product that doesn’t fit the traditional mold.   How will you effectively and profitably deliver the value of your product/service to your target audience? 

Prospective Strategies can help you:

-          Crystallize your segmentation approach
-          Identify pertinent consumer profiles through data mapping
-          Optimize product by linking value components to buyer chain preferences

Competitive Analysis


We're not talking about static competitive data gathering.  True competitive analysis has to capture underlying market and business dynamics, and then figure out how to leverage pertinent data in order to lay out viable options.

We help you:

- Determine your current market position
- Apply a strategic approach to growth, and
- Maximize business success drivers with optimized product design


Value-driven Product Analysis

Aligning a product with the marketplace, customer preferences and internal business objectives is no easy task.  Prospective brings an independent voice, helping you optimize the needs of product, marketing, sales, and finance.  Prospective can help you:

- Create a comprehensive "value profile" for your product
- Link the value components effectively to your buyer chain
- Prioritize design based on optimized ROI